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Bepanthen Tattoo Zalf voor verantwoorde zorg van de getatoeëerde huid 30 gr



The product

Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment contains a high concentration of dexpanthenol and supports the natural skin recovery of the tattooed skin (tattoo care). Due to the special composition, the ointment forms a protective layer on the skin. The transparent layer does not close the skin and allows it to breathe. The tattoo is protected and the natural strength and balance of the skin is preserved. The tattoo aftercare ointment is carefully composed and contains no dyes, preservatives, perfume. Bepanthen TattooOintment is the No.1 in tattoo aftercare and is recommended by tattoo artists. Why a greasy ointment for a tattoo? † Tattoo ointment vs tattoo cream The LCHV guidelines*** state that a tattoo aftercare product should contain a high percentage of fat and Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment contains this (70% fat). Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment is a 'greasy' ointment that puts a protective layer on the skin. This is important for the aftercare and care of tattoos because the skin is protected against external influences. Creams contain more water and do not layer. That is why we recommend a tattoo ointment instead of a tattoo cream for aftercare.*** National Center for Hygiene and Safety Bepanthen contains dexpanthenol. This substance has the well-known property of supporting skin recovery.* Not on very open wounds

Supports the skin's natural repair process, thanks to panthenol 5% (pro-vitamin B5)
Greasy ointment that protects the skin without closing it off
Soothes tattooed skin
No. 1 in tattoo aftercare**
How does it work?

Bepanthen Tattoo Aftercare Ointment protects and repairs the tattooed skin.


After the skin has closed, apply Bepanthen Tattoo Ointment thinly by massaging gently until the ointment is completely absorbed. Repeat this 2-4 times a day, for about 10-15 days for the best results.


Purified water; wool grease; liquid paraffin; white soft paraffin; almond oil; dexpanthenol 5%; protein X; white beeswax; cetyl and stearyl alcohol (white waxy substance).

More about

Bepanthen, 75 years of love for the skin, more than 15 years in the Netherlands. At Bepanth, we find the skin fascinating. We protect, care for and restore the skin together with professionals, so that our products only contain ingredients that are good for the skin. Nothing more, nothing less. Bepanthen is the number 1 worldwide and in the Netherlands in the category of medicinal skin care*.* IRI, scanning data Food/Drug, MAT P062020.


health information
Protects and repairs tattooed skin quickly.

Keep out of reach of children.